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Mac Computer Maintenance Program

Now that you are all set up and running, let us help keep your computer working smoothly with our Tune-up Program

* Recommended Quarterly *

Services Includes:

  • Check that all Apple updates are installed

  • Review apps that start at boot to minimize the number of apps running

  • Check for malware and adware infections

  • Clean the default web browser for faster browsing

  • Check memory needs versus available memory

  • Check storage needs versus available storage 

  • Check the health of the operating system and run optimization routines to speed it up

  • Make sure backup(s) are running regularly and that there is enough backup space

  • Check the health of the Mac’s hard drive and repair if necessary

  • Check proper operation of up to 2 printers per Mac

  • Check and update key 3rd party apps (like Adobe Flash & Java)

Starts at only $199

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